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We believe that the best way to tackle your financial goals is to team up. We partner with CPAs and independent financial teams in the industry to equip you with the knowledge and flawless collaboration you want and need; our team is your team.

Growth Is Never By Chance.


At New Century Investments, we like to share our years of expertise with our clients. With that comes the advantage of knowing growth is achieved due to expert planning and goal setting. Our goal is to help our clients achieve prosperity and know how it happened.



We promise to treat each financial decision with great care.  We are significant investors in the same investments as our investment clients.  We strive to provide clear, transparent, and consistent communication with our clients as candidly as possible to ensure their financial assets are appropriately positioned to preserve and generate long-term wealth.

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NCI knows that knowledge is power, that’s why we strive to provide our clients with tools, tips, and advice they can access anywhere. Our blog contains information to help you feel more confident with your financial decisions. Below are our most recent posts, click here to view our entire archive. Below are our most recent post, click here to view our entire archive.