Our Philosophy

At New Century Investments, we will…..

  • Treat your financial circumstance as if it were our own.
  • Be significant investors in the same investments as you, our partners.
  • Provide honest, transparent financial advice.
  • Not be traders or speculators, and will invest for the long term with a time horizon of at least five years.
  • Design intelligent, cost efficient solutions to achieve your financial goals.
  • Choose each investment (mutual fund, ETF, etc) with great care, using only those with a proven track record, and, most importantly, that impose no front or back end load and no 12b-1 fees.
  • Communicate with you, our partners, candidly and timely.

What We Offer

New Century Investments provides investment and financial services to the Individual, Family, and Business Owner. Click through the services below for a more in-depth look of the services we offer.


Laying the financial foundation begins with identifying your goals.  Determining your financial goals helps design the path and steps it will take to get there.  We will listen to where you want to be in 1-3, 5-10, and 20+ years and help create financial goals for you to work towards.

We will determine how much you need to allocate to meet your financial goals, determine whether you are on track and will make recommendations to help them achieve your goals.

We offer comprehensive financial planning services such as:

  • financial goal setting,
  • budgeting,
  • retirement planning,
  • investment portfolio recommendations,
  • insurance analysis,
  • tax planning,
  • estate review.

Depending on what you need, we tailor our financial planning services to meet your objectives.

When making investment portfolio recommendations:

  • we listen to our client’s future goals for the account,
  • we analyze their tax and financial position,
  • determine their investment time horizon,
  • assess their risk tolerance.

We then design a tailored portfolio seeking to capture the highest risk-adjusted return.  We invest alongside our clients using the same funds within our portfolios.  We sit on the same side of the table as you.

We provide comprehensive investment management services such as:

  • portfolio recommendations,
  • asset allocation strategies,
  • low-cost, tax-efficient investing strategies,
  • rebalancing strategies,
  • 401 (k) rollovers
  • IRAs – opening and managing,
  • small business retirement accounts,

We help individuals open the correct account type for their specific need. We ensure the account is properly established, ensuring there are no tax problems, and then we design an invest portfolio based on the client’s investment goals, financial situation, time horizon, and assessed risk tolerance.

Our firm knows Money Matters.  Not only is it important to amass and preserve hard-earned wealth, but it is equally important to keep the most of it you possibly can.  Our approach to Forward Tax Planning is integrated with our investment and financial planning philosophy.  We have CPAs involved in the process ensuring that we consider each tax implication, ensuring you keep the most of your wealth sheltered from tax.

We help self employed and small business owners open and manage SEP IRAs, Self Employed 401(k)’s, and SIMPLE IRAs.

We ensure that your business plan meets top heavy testing requirements, or falls under the safe harbor provision, and we will invest the portfolio based on your investment goals, your time horizon, and your assessed risk tolerance.