Our Story

It began in the early ’90s when a CPA and Investment Advisor found that many of their clients were overpaying in high costs to their brokers, and were not investing the way that this CPA or Investment Advisor would recommend. Not agreeing with this approach, this CPA decided to partner up with a Registered Investment Advisor and began helping clients manage no-load investment portfolios.

In August of 1995, New Century Partners – The No-Load Group was formed. New Century Partners is a No-Load, Independent Investment Advisory Firm. As fiduciaries, New Century Investments believes transparent advice starts with the best interest of the client.

Fast forward 25 years. What started as an investment management service for tax clients has evolved into a full-service financial-investment planning firm for individuals, families, and small businesses.

At New Century Investments, we know money matters.


Our Promise

We promise to treat each financial consideration with great care. We are significant partners alongside our client, investing in the same ETFs or mutual funds we recommend. We promise to always put the interest of our client first. And we promise to provide transparent and consistent communication with our clients to ensure their financial assets are positioned to accumulate and preserve long-term wealth.

Meet Our Staff